Bancos de tornillo

Visita Reparto: Calamar Vampiro, Jon Corzyne, compró el Congreso, PayPay, El Bernank impresora Ben, y una prostituta colombiana! Video Rating: 4/5

Nota: ¿Está usted en acciones y participaciones obtener bitcoins gratis! Vea este video aquí: Y crear un bi … Video Rating: 4/5


  1. Chris Klugh says:

    Bitcoins is the same thing as tulips. Its not money, just a fad.

  2. EliteMasterplan says:

    Predictive Programming & the Human Microchipping Agenda (78mins):
    vimeo . com/26487586
    also, watch short video:
    You Already Have a Chip in Your Hand – Smartphones

  3. EliteMasterplan says:

    I find it completely suspect that we’re being DIRECTED to a crypto-currency called Bitcoins. That’s exactly where the BANKSTERS want us, just as Aaron Russo warned.
    goto: gold DOT org
    Search: Digital currencies
    Download/read: RS24 (Research Study) – Digital Currencies & the Future of Money (dated 2000). Fiat currencies are being destroyed (END THE FED, Currency Wars etc) and CONVENIENTLY crypto-currencies are being offered as the solution to bankster crimes! You Lemmings!

  4. mxm2400 says:

    Hmm, no dislikes.
    *Tries to dislike the video but gets shot in the knee with a arrow*.

  5. Marcus Wilson says:

    If you are new to Bitcoin, start here:

  6. UnknownEncryption says:

    you make a good point but so does the video.

  7. MrAnonTuber says:

    Being in the BTC / Fiat Business we will need banks, forex houses for a long time to get Bitcoin to where we need it. HSBC, Western Union and other large companies are keeping an extremely close eye on this sort of promotion with Bitcoin, in turn these promotions are hurting us, the Big guys cancelling contracts and we need them! Until Fiat Conversion is no longer needed. Just my business experience to date. Great Production though, we need to work with the banking systems to succeed guys!

  8. Sabbetus says:

    Bitcoins are created by solving a mathematical puzzle using computers. This provides an artificial challenge for creating the currency so that it doesn’t come from thin air. It requires computational power and electricity, and of course it takes work to set up those computers and keep them running. Even though this is highly competitive these days, anyone can participate. For most people it makes more sense to acquire bitcoins in other ways though.

  9. sniped101 says:

    mine bitcoins with computer hardware? make money?

  10. Sabbetus says:

    It depends. Currently most Bitcoin transactions go through just fine without fees but usually it’s recommended that a fee of 0.0005 bitcoins is added when sending money. This is a fixed fee and a very low one at that. Bitcoin is so cheap because the transaction system is decentralized and super competitive. No one is able to get a big profit from the transactions.

  11. sniped101 says:

    does bitcoin have fees?

  12. Michael Carver says:

    There are actually many alternatives to this for acquiring bitcoins. My personal favorites, cash in person transactions and (as others have said) work for them.

  13. Chsa Dos says:

    bitinstant is by far the easiest way to get bitcoins.  just go to their site and you can directly hand cash over to almost any bank (you don’t need an account with the bank) and have bitcoins sent to your email in seconds!

  14. Sabbetus says:

    Of course you could also mine bitcoins with your computer hardware, but I wouldn’t recommend that. It requires special hardware these days because the competition is so strong.

  15. Sabbetus says:

    You can get Bitcoin in a large number of ways. Work for them, sell something for them, buy them from someone directly with cash or better yet, do something productive for free and add a donation address. The Bitcoin community has a strong gift economy spirit and Bitcoin happens to be very convenient for donations. If none of this works for you, then you need to go through banks/visa/paypal.

  16. Roger Browne says:

    Felarhin, another way to get bitcoins is to sell something for BTC on a site like Bitmit.

  17. Jeremias Kangas says:

    Nope, you can also work for them as for traditional money.

  18. Felarhin says:

    Only thing is, you have to go through paypal/bank to get bitcoins. :

  19. irdial says:

    Screw the banks and screw the State that wants to control Bitcoin.

  20. Realpra says:

    Well a bit simple, but still nice and funny.

  21. Nej K says:

    Yeah! Screw banks!

  22. Anthony Steele says:

    i love the brunette

  23. k12g45 says:

    nice…really nice

  24. Sheograthkiller says:


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