– ¿Cómo ha hecho un bitcoin minero – Episodio # 1

Bitmine presenta su primer video acerca de cómo se hacen nuestros equipos de minería Bitcoin. En este episodio tendrá una vista previa de nuestra circuitos electrónicos assemb … Video Rating: 4/5


  1. LeeShadow says:

    a owen?

  2. berin99 says:

    How many TH per day rolls off the assembly line? Did you reduce the value of your product to less than $5 per unit by making so many?

  3. giotis62 says:

    I was saying that the focus function of the camera is not intent to be used as “MACRO” function! This is what you get all blurred shots of the most importan things. Remake please!!!!!!!

  4. giotis62 says:

    I think this video need to be remade. The camera operator ruined a such important process. The zoom function of the camera in

  5. Kjetil Andre Solstad says:

    Worst focus EVER….!

  6. Денис Самарский says:

    Ха, удивили. У нас в Челябинске такое в ручную собирают!

  7. TeslaKaniv says:

    Just don’t use zoom. Step closer instead. Thanks.

  8. swordfish6975 says:

    what was this filmed on, a potato?

  9. Tom Jonsson says:

    nah, the lens was all used up the day before after he was done shooting a POV porn with your mother

  10. jkdla jalkf says:

    you can’t even be bothered to make a sharp, focused video?

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