Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Minería Hardware Video Production 2013

Video Clasificación: 2.5


  1. WrathofBong420 says:

    the thing that sucks is that I know when the mail guy loads those packages an unloads them from his truck to the hub. There gonna get tossed several times….ive worked for ups

  2. David Cartier says:

    Can you guys post the building of a rig? I think that’d be cool

  3. Icebreaker21 says:

    Yeah cool Video i like!

  4. Aeon Cipher says:

    Got my equipment mid july I made my money back + more in less than 20 days…. Still profiting.

  5. Marco Tedaldi says:

    Not a lot of information they are giving away here.
    And it really depends on what you ordererd last year. If it’s Jalapeno, than you have quite good chances on getting your product withing the next few weeks I think. The last two days they have been catching up 4 days of backlog each day. I hipe, they will continue at this pace or even accelerate.

  6. d3rrial says:

    Haha, yeah, I forgot about it until recently aswell :D

  7. Dayset Iam says:

    Cant wait to see my shiny asic

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