El gasto de almacenamiento en frío con el micelio Bitcoin Wallet

Si usted es serio acerca de la protección de sus Bitcoins, fuera de almacenamiento en frío es la cosa. Con la Bitcoin Wallet micelio se obtiene una forma fácil, asequible, rápido y … Video Rating: 5/5

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  1. Jan Møller says:

    I created the Bitcoin bill using bitaddress(dot)org (click Paper Wallet)
    Please be cautious with that. The private key is generated by software that you download on the spot from bitaddress(dot)org. I cannot guarantee that it doesn’t send the key to the server. You are safer if you download a copy of the page and run it locally with you internet connection disconnected.

  2. James Delnort says:

    May I ask where you got the Bitcoin Bill you use in the video? I would like to use one like that. Thank you.

  3. James Delnort says:

    Very nice user interface and easy way to deal with cold storage. Thank you for this free Bitcoin wallet. I look forward to your Bitcoin Card.

  4. Jan Møller says:

    We have been discussing an iOS version, but there are no concrete plans for now. For the cold storage feature I’d advise a cheap android device which is only used for that particular purpose. iOS devices are a bit pricy for that.

  5. noobstuntguy says:

    Is Mycelium going to have an iOS version?

  6. Andreas Petersson says:

    this feature is now available in the regular release

  7. Andreas Petersson says:

    it is already available if you join the beta channel. there are some slight issues that need to be solved before it goes to the main channel. for instructions on the beta channel see github com/mycelium-com/wallet

  8. Jan Møller says:

    Almost. The precise explanation is a bit more complex, but the end result is what you describe. I am only allowed a 500 character response in YouTube chat. If you join Mycelium Beta Testers google+ group and post the same question there I’ll explain it in all its gory details :-)

  9. TheRezGroup says:

    So Mycelium sweeps the full amount and returns what you don’t withdraw back to the paper wallet? Sorry if this sounds noobish, I just want to make sure I understand.

  10. TheRezGroup says:

    Thank you very much for the response! I’ll wait for the official release. :)

  11. drlex says:

    That’s great but be prepared that some clients will let you down on this. Even Mycelium managed your private keys in a funny way and someone was able to grab 10 BTC from your wallet…

  12. Jan Møller says:

    OK, then don’t use those clients for cold storage management.
    The Mycelium wallet always sends the change back to the address of the cold storage private key.

  13. drlex says:

    Not every client is able to properly set change address. If you import your private key to some wallets and only receive a part of the cold storage amount the change value could no longer be set to this cold storage. This happened to a lot of people and it was painful.

  14. Jan Møller says:

    What makes you say that?

  15. Jan Møller says:

    This version has not been released yet, but you can sign up to the google+ group Mycelium Beta Channel (I cannot paste links in comments) and sign up as a beta tester.
    Otherwise it will probably be released within the next week.

  16. Jan Møller says:

    If you don’t spend the entire amount the rest is sent back to the address of the paper wallet.

  17. drlex says:

    People watch out! Importing only a part of cold storage value is really bad advice!!! Always receive full amount from cold storage!

  18. TheRezGroup says:

    Also when will this version (with cold storage) be available from the Play store?

  19. TheRezGroup says:

    My question is how do you manage to spend part of a paper wallet? I thought you had to sweep the whole amount or lose the remaining balance.

  20. Jan Møller says:

    Now the fun part of this is that moving the remaining 4 BTC did not confirm until about an hour after I posted the video. So someone really smart and quick could actually successfully double spend me with a higher miner fee… too late now ;-)

  21. Jan Møller says:

    bah… ;-)

  22. Jan Møller says:

    Hell yeah, nobody would trust it otherwise. Added the source link to the OP.

  23. MiccaPhone says:

    Really awesome! But I could not reproduce the fly at 1:25!

  24. Faisal7HTX says:

    no but I’m pretty sure your mom is.

  25. Skyturnip says:

    looks good!

  26. Shank Michael says:

    Good Video.

  27. Canty Kelvin says:

    Thanks Guy!

  28. Bakken Juan says:

    This is a must see video!

  29. Susan Hinkle says:

    A lot of good information!!!

  30. millky lidde says:

    Byron, your videos are GREAT!

  31. Wilson Bruce says:

    I really like your videos!!!

  32. Lara Tanner says:

    Thanks for the good video

  33. Edward Scott says:

    Very Educational – Thanks

  34. Butler Jeremy says:

    Definitely worth the time to watch.

  35. Stephen Robbins says:

    Wow! Scary stuff, thanks for the information!!!

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