eToro Will Adopt The Bitcoin: Mati Greenspan Talks About Cyprus And The Bitcoin

Mati Greenspan is senior investment consultant at eToro and he kindly took the time to talk to us about the Cyprus crisis. Also, he explained the Bitcoin, it…

Bitcoin offers an alternative to the conventional, state-sanctioned banking system. Maybe that’s why powerful institutions are so wary of it. Bitcoin May Be …
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  1. newfination says:

    eToro most likely will act as a broker and the exchange will be mt.gox or any other independent exchange.

  2. Jon Hannis says:

    We need a better exchange, so good luck to etoro!

  3. Derek-Bit coin says:

    Thanks for uploading this video! I’ve added it to my collection of bitcoin videos. Feel free to subscribe to watch more videos on bitcoin!

  4. Bit Coin says:

    the only bubble waiting to be popped is the one of fiat currencies backed by incompetent, failing, corrupt governments. The fundamentals for Bitcoin are solid. The world is starving for a sound, safe, reliable medium of exchange. Bitcoin is a fantastic answer.

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