Jeff Berwick y Jay Taylor: A cambiar el futuro del mundo de Bitcoin

Jeff Berwick en Acapulco, México es entrevistado por Jay Taylor en cuanto tiempos difíciles en los buenos tiempos. Temas tratados: – La ATM Bitcoin – El colapso de la … Video Rating: 4/5


  1. bjokkor says:

    jeff is doing great things here.. keep it up man..

  2. Kandyman2K7 says:

    Nicely  countered Jeff!

  3. Jeff Berwick says:

    Bitcoin was “bought out” eh? You realize you can see every Bitcoin transaction in history, right? Please point out where in the blockchain Bitcoin was “bought out” by a group in Malta.

  4. Don Duncan says:

    calveir demonstrates to us why we should not get stoned and blog.

    Why can’t we buy gold at GoldMoney and use it as money? Because when it started working the vaults would be raided, just as egold was in Costa Rica. But Bitcoin does not have that problem. It might be hacked. No sure things exist. The only sure way to lose is to wait for a sure thing.

  5. calveir says:

    don’t tell the anarchist capitalist what to do. He jumped on the BitCoin early and is pushing it now even though it was bought out by a group in Malta. BitCoin is already compromised and manipulated like gold and silver but Jeff is free to trick people into it so his BitCoin worth goes up. That’s what all the gold guys did too, bought early, hyped it up and all sold it before it just crashed.

  6. Filip Dorcolac says:

    Earn some BTC, it’s easy (just paste url and remove spaces):

    ht tp://goo.g l/Kd7yT?

  7. MrJabber22 says:


  8. MrJabber22 says:


  9. Brent McCulloch says:

    “I went to public school so i can’t do the math in my head” – great line.

  10. Skelale says:

    I think Jeff is a bit spiritual, and I agree with him.

  11. goodfellow1984 says:

    he’s high

  12. Steven Smith says:

    Who’s to say Jeff doesn’t smoke up ;)

  13. William Lingle says:

    No it wasn’t fully backed, but it still limited the federal reserves ability to expand the money supply.

  14. William Lingle says:

    You want to smoke you go ahead and do so bud. I don’t but still believe you have the right to if you want. Second hand smoke hahahaha … I hear no one complaining about the tons of jet fuel contaminates spewed out on top of me everyday … “hypocrites.” :)

  15. pikemax888 says:

    Quit smoking man ive been fighting to breath all my life ,, trust me it isnt fun.. but hey its your life All the best ..:O)

  16. 6psycho says:

    Jeff, your ideas are brilliant and I hope more people in the world become enlightened to think like you.

    I wish I could afford bitcoins, but I’m broke and bankrupt.

  17. Robert J says:

    Cigarettes are bad for you and I can tell you dont like how they taste. To reinforce your libertarian philosophy you should def smoke a joint, plus this is good for you ;) anyways, I like to follow you, and you helped me understand we dont need a government to have a orderly society. Thanks for what you do to propagate Bitcoin!

  18. ObeyTheRobots says:

    You can get more information on the Bretton Woods system via Wikipedia. For some reason YouTube won’t let me post the link. Though the US still has a gold reserve, there is no longer an official convertibility rate between the US dollar and gold. That’s why people refer to it as a fiat currency.

  19. Aishik Gupta says: ….thnx for that

  20. MrJabber22 says:

    Can someone educate me on 1971? Was the American dollar fully backed by gold up until that period in time?

  21. mereyo says:

    lol, hi Jeff, Ive been following your story for a while, im from Chile so i got to know you through the Galts Gulch project. You are an inspiration, thanks for sharing your work and ideas.

  22. pgroupllc1 says:

    Right on again. Ppl need to subscribe to you….

  23. Jeff Berwick says:

    I just started so I figure I’ve got a few years. The government will likely get me before the cigarettes.

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