La guerra con Siria, Bitcoin cajeros automáticos y los datos del smartphone hacks NSA (?) – Truthloader

EE.UU. Secretario de Estado John Kerry sigue diciendo que los EE.UU. no va a la guerra con Siria, pero sólo pensando en lanzar ataques limitados, que nos hizo preguntarnos: ¿no …


  1. ThePraetorianSoldier says:

    The funny thing about Bitcoin is that just as it became famous it died. Mining Bitcoins now is pretty much worthless and the whole ‘gold rush’ thing ended like a year and a half ago. Plus getting ahold of one without mining is very risky. So will it work? No. It’s an awesome idea but it’s pretty much dead and people are only using what’s left now. And there’s no need for it. Sure mining for them is fun but it’s all on the internet so there aren’t any actual rules or numbers or anything

  2. johnny friis mikkelsen says:

    the nixon people must be very scared the greatest stalker in the world from nixonland

  3. LordaeronTactics says:

    The United States is a superpower is Syria and it’s allies are smart, they wouldn’t fight back. We will bully, shit what else should we do? Actually massacre the terrorist and finish the war?

  4. LifeIsEverythingOrg says:

    this is why people who sell drugs use old nokias

  5. xEpikK1NGOgx says:

    Thats why old phones are awsome, the gov is prob reading my text right now , hiiiiiiiiiiii

  6. vahidmirkhani says:

    Nice profle pic. You fooled me ;D

  7. sixgg4 says:

    Great video!!!!

  8. Bill Hicks says:

    Yea it was. There were soooo many espionages and spies in and around the USA that it became a proxy war.USA started funding Al Qaeda to fight communism.

  9. P4INKiller says:

    Not the same thing.
    There were tensions, but it wasn’t really a war.

  10. ares647 says:

    when is a war not a war? cold war, your argument is invalid

  11. gidge348 says:

    If the delivery of several hundred cruise missiles to Syria is not an “Act of War” what if some other country sent several missiles to main land USA to degrade THEIR wmd capability.

    Would they US just turn the other cheek……..unlikely

  12. outlawbenning says:

    USA has enough military power and personnel to level the whole World, at any given notice.US is not a person or a mythical creature to has its own personality, it iust a land mass with borders and government.People of America dont want this war, and we as people are not running anywhere.If some egotistic maniac wants to measure his dick against another one they should have a duel with guns and kill each other, leave the rest of the people alone.Make sense?!

  13. MrHaj22lo says:

    Ill never trust someone who wears red socks.#yankees. Saudi is paying America to invade syria

  14. TUKRO5ive says:

    True , the CIA also FBI doesn’t give a shit what congress says. They will kill who ever stands in their way like CIA did with Michael Hastings and many others … The so called government is a evil empire with criminal gangs … it’s just crazy …

  15. Klaus-Dieter Hinck says:

    THX for discussing this @TRUTHLOADER.

  16. Fuakh says:

    I feel really sad about how governments view our private life for the safety of its country yet people feel less safe because of this, if you have large suspicions and evidence to support that a person could cause damage or an act of terrorism i can see why you would want to see what he/she does on their phone email etc. i just don’t think it is fair that a person can go to work and get an inside look to you’re life and just to think 60 years ago it was “Almost” unheard of.

  17. Rhonda Schmit says:

    Our US government NEEDS TO BE OUSTED! They have subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and given assent to acts of pretended legislation. They have erected new offices and sent hither officers to harass the people. Depriving benefits of trial by jury in numerous cases. They’re trying to abolish our most valuable laws, & alter the fundamental forms of our government. They suspend our legislatures & declare themselves invested with the power to legislate whatever they decide.

  18. smallcaliberslug says:

    John “war hero” Kerry probably thinks he’ll get some more combat medals if they go to war. He likes collecting them don’t he. I’m done with the yanks if they go dropping bombs on people fighting al Qaeda…because, I’ll be really confused…

  19. GoddardsKoalaFitness says:

    Just get a nokia brick phone ;) you will be fine

  20. jackson01able says:

    that dose NOT justify the killing of innocent family and children

  21. Cohen Peas says:

    Kerry, Hagel, McCain = all anti-war Vietnam Vets.

    But once in office, did a 180, and are now chicken hawks!

  22. Dawn2388 says:

    Looks like the American way has become shoot first, and ask questions later.

  23. Jay Aquino says:

    As an American, i have to say we dont want this. Alot of people are planning to impeach the president if strikes are carried out. The people are tired of war, and ita all a politicians game at this point.

  24. finn6861 says:

    Yes if there is any good that will come out of the situation with Syria it is that it has been enlightening as to the thought processes of some of our lawmakers.This goes a long way in understanding how our country has gotten into the sad state it is in.Either he really believes what he is saying or he is lieing-either way he definitely should not be in the position he holds.

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