Se Litecoin la siguiente Bitcoin?

Bitcoin ha estado en las noticias últimamente, como resultado de las fluctuaciones de precios salvajes, y los altos inversionistas perfil. Pero, ¿hay alguna alternativa a bitcoin? … Video Rating: 4/5

En este episodio, Max Keiser y Stacy Herbert discuten los bancos centrales y los gobiernos de Islandia a Argentina tratando de inclinar el juego global de pinball para … Video Rating: 4/5


  1. RockyMountainMiners says:

    You can mine your own coins with turnkey solutions such as those from Rocky Mountain Miners, but your question about how to profit from trading one currency for another currency is perhaps best answered by looking to the traditional forex trading industry.

  2. brokyoun says:


  3. Kitty Rocoa says:

    I would like to know how virtual currency is created, and then how it is converted into real money? As at the moment I don’t get how it would get legally converted into money -unless people simpley buy it as a product- and or how an exchange rate is created on the market?

    As I kinda get the picture people how have money could just trade their own money for a currency they created to heighten its value to hen get more money back for it. Yet I see no way it is valued on the greater market!

  4. Akshat Tandon says:

    guys i am confused what to choose from idk the amount of bitcoin i’ll earn if i invest in buying a bitcoin minner of 60ghz and if i go with lite coin what is the minimum amount i need to spend to get a miner and lastly which one is more beneficial ??plz replyy

  5. czg2012 says:

    when is the telprocoin coming out.

  6. CebuLightsandMusic says:

    Bitcoin is GOLD.
    Litecoin is SILVER.


  7. Ron Jefferson says:

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  8. Hannibal Pritzker-Grimaldi says:

    Litecoin is cool, but Devcoin is the up and coming coin :)
    You should make a video about the projects associated with Devcoin :)

  9. karim Jouar says:

    litecoin did hold up in the crash 

  10. Maleblade says:

    Take all my Bitcoins Annie. :)

  11. Maleblade says:

    What,you think admiring a pretty girl is weird?
    Well,if you do not like pretty girls that is your problem.
    I do.

  12. william mccanless says:


  13. william mccanless says:

    They have their own silk road now (Atlantis) and that’s why the currency is gaining so much steam

  14. goodfellow1984 says:

    there is now a service like silk road accepting litecoins, it’s called atlantis, search for it on bitcointalkDOTorg.

  15. goodfellow1984 says:

    what a load of bullcrap

  16. Ratchetpowerprank says:

    i will be selling that dope

  17. CGMoritz2013 says:

    Despite all of the speculations, I think having two (or 3) competing cryptocurrancies will only strengthen the movement towards decentralization.

    Intel vs AMD
    MS vs Apple vs Nix
    Chocolate vs Vanilla


    Competition is healthy for the free market.

  18. cryptocurrencyinvest says:

    April the 15th.. “No alternative services that accept litecoin as payment” HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUHEUHUEHUEHEUEHEUEHURHWEGFBWGF

    There is an alternative service, and it’s called Atlantis. It’s faster than silk road. Active devs.

    bitcointalk . org/index.php?topic=154138.msg1633758#msg1633758

    Vote up so people can see…

    Damned video devaluing my currensah

  19. Maleblade says:

    Annie,you look so good in blue.
    I can’t take my eyes off of you. :)

  20. JKJonesInCode says:

    Charles Lee? I guess Connor didn’t quite get rid of that templar.

  21. Zedster88 says:

    Silk Road bought the Litecoin equivalent Atlantis (the name escapes me) about 3 weeks so yes there is Silk Road for LTC. 

  22. themadman Who is the mad one says:

    1. Go to your power counter
    2. Make a direct connetion
    3. Mine bitcoins
    4. ???

  23. themadman Who is the mad one says:

  24. themadman Who is the mad one says:

    Bitcoin/Litecoin miners do are not malware some antivirus detect it as malware because there are people set up botnets just to mine bitcoins and because the botnet uses code from legit miners the antivirus detect them as virus.

  25. Richard Fox says:

    Lots and Lots of PROFIT
    Made Through War,depression,waste,missery of others
    Which Is What The Monetary Market System Reinforces Today !!

  26. statisticool says:

    guess not.

  27. neverfearchrisishere says:

    nope. It’s still only worth as much as someone values it.
    There is no real advantage in trading gold that you’ll never see, as opposed to trading grain you’ll never see – and grain has a use and is consumed ensuring continued value.

  28. Gabriel Morero says:

    Crazy story, I always watch Keiser report, this particular episode was very interesting to me because they talk about my country, Argentina, The really weird thing is that the example Stacy talk about, “the men set on fire” happens right in my girlfriend apartment in Palermo Neighborhood.

  29. sbest389 says:

    I love this man

  30. belfasta says:

    will the price of gold double on 1st january when it becomes a tier one asset again

  31. fightnight47364 says:

    Banker’s =faustian nut jobs.

  32. frickadele says:

    Jones bitches about being taken over by the whores that said that
    the USA is taken over.
    But I heard Old pedophile Bush say that S. America is taken over.
    The people in the USA…
    that their gov. was fucking people, globally.
    Now that the gov. pitbull is coming back to bite them…
    they cry like babies.
    With friends like the USA…who needs enemies?

  33. frickadele says:

    The people from the USA…
    didn’t give a damn…
    when their military was going around the world…
    killing people.
    The USA schucums said…
    The USA gov is there in other countries…
    to police them. To make those countries a better place to live.
    The people in the USA are stupid. Violent. And brainwashed.
    If you think it’s okay? to kill someone’s baby…then you’re sick.
    If you invade someone else’s HOMEland….HOME?…than you’re dirty.
    If you’re proud of it?…then it should happen to YOU.

  34. frickadele says:

    For anyone’s information…
    once upon a nasty time, in Rome….
    Constantine said that all christians were going to be Catholic.
    Anyone who wasn’t…got nailed.
    Christmas…is just Saturanlia…when Romans spent money for gifts…
    and the next day.. the tax man and the bill collector knocked on your door to
    get their money.
    Christ wasn’t born on Saturnalia.
    The Catholic cult incorporated Sat. with the winter soltice.
    and voila…you have a spending spree for the peasants and forget the soltice.

  35. frickadele says:

    History…is written by the victors.
    So when Alex Jones quotes history?…
    he’s just quoting the victors. Isn’t he?
    Alex Jones and his guest….Mike Coffman…
    and says that communism is devil worship…
    I almost lost my spleen.
    The only cult that is having sex with children, slowly but surely occupying the world,
    and the people who are in positions of power are in this cult?…are catholics.
    With their deeds…you will know them.
    If you’re afraid of the truth?…ya dead.

  36. frickadele says:

    I’m sick of Alex Jones hating socialism…
    when public schools and fire departments and food stamps, that help people…
    are considered bad.
    The rich, in the past, were the only ones who got an education, food and protection.
    What does Jones want? A war lord system?
    Whomever controls their land can do whatever they want?
    Well, what happens when you have no land?
    You’re dicked!
    History has Shown that the megathieves stole other people’s turf, educated
    their inbreds, whilst the rest, groveled.

  37. Laguy211 says:

    Only an idiot would believe that lol

  38. Admiral Nimitz says:

    reminds me of the news reports when i was a kid that said kids were doomed because they played d and d

  39. tomaalimosh says:

    These bankers are like the evil sorceress from “Merlin”. They only have power if people believe in them. :P

  40. tomaalimosh says:

    Burning creditors up is a tradition everywhere in the world. It’s like harvest festivals…

  41. mijmijrm says:

    > “So why don’t people on Reddit want to talk about what Keiser talks about?”

    reddit is a controlled environment. It’s easy to rally the troops to hide what wanders from the permitted range of dialogue.

  42. SeanMauer says:

    If there’s a shift into anti – de Sitter space, then you have to have the appropriate hardware upgrade that Jesus refers to in Matthew 22:11-14

  43. Redeye looker says:

    Argentina should tell them to shove it where the sun does not shine. Stop trading with wallstreet pigs and find new relationships for their economy. Do not play the bankers game.

  44. mermaidmichele says:

    excellent summary and very accurate, sadly! its another consequence of not questioning challenging power states of any sort. Corporate immunity and granting corpos “exception” status from ALL rules of law that have been imposed with prejudice against the individual. Been educating self about when USA lost this war, John Loftus’s recently re-pub’d book ‘America’s NAzi Secret.’ we are the sons and daughters of the Neo Nazi bought and paid for regime. Thanks to the Corpo banksters of WWII.

  45. THC BOB MARLEY says:

    zeitgeist is anti freedom. but the idea of tech being helpful is ok. also, spiritual awareness. remember that we are going into the 4 dimension soon….

  46. yarkozel says:

    Stacy looks like a viking to me! I don’t want to see MY tatoo! :)

  47. fuckpolitics170 says:

    you can hear them snorting coke in between lines, if u will excuse the pun.

  48. foresakenlion says:

    John Perkins talks about the process of the Vultures Max mentions, they’re financial hit men, if they can’t bribe you the terrorism comes, if you survive that then it’s open war.

  49. drmenorps says:

    I am going to have to look closer at his finger, Stacy too. Thanks for the tip.

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